2.  Wearable technology

It’s no surprise that wearable tech has claimed a top-three spot on the American College of Sports Medicine’s list of global fitness trends for the past three years. Be it a heart rate monitor, step counter or an Apple Watch, fitness devices are making their mark on more and more wrists every day. Wearable technology has given people unprecedented control over their personal health and fitness.

Dr Carol Austin, Head of Performance Support for Team Dimension Data, explains how wearable tech has enhanced their team’s capabilities. “Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka is the first African cycling team to compete in the Tour de France – and we couldn’t have done it without technology. In addition to on-bike devices, every rider completes a daily mobile questionnaire that records a host of wellness parameters, including sleep patterns, mood, energy levels and injuries. This allows us to track each rider’s progress more effectively.”

3.  Immersive fitness

Where would you like to train today? Perhaps a cycle in the Tour de France. Or how about a jog along a secluded mountain path? Many exercise studios, fitness consoles and apps now promise to take your training to the next level with the help of virtual reality routes, surround sound, wrap-around studio screens and integrated displays. It even has a name: exertainment. But it isn’t just about keeping you entertained; ZWIFT, for example, encourages competition by displaying a leaderboard with every rider’s real-time stats during sessions.

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