After being severely criticised for howlers by the umpires in domestic cricket, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to enhance technological assistance for Ranji Trophy knock-outs this season.

“The idea is to eradicate as many howlers as possible. If we can achieve that, then we can go ahead with it. That is why we are introducing it only for the knock-out stages for the coming season,” Saba Karim, BCCI general manager-cricket operations, told The Hindu.

It is understood that despite the BCCI’s initiative to get rid of howlers, it will not be able to use the highly expensive Hawk-Eye and UltraEdge, a must for DRS in international cricket. Karim remained non-committal when asked if the technology will used for lbw decisions.

“That we will decide once we have a meeting with the umpires, match referees and broadcasters. What I am trying to say right now is with whatever technology we have, we will try and use that for the DRS. Whether it is lbw or something else, it will be up to them to decide because they are the experts.”

This may result in limiting the technological assistance to determine close caught-behind calls with extended camera angles. Nevertheless, the development — according to a domestic team’s coach — would be a “starting point in forcing the BCCI to take domestic cricket more seriously”.

Even during the captains and coaches’ conclave in May, many teams had demanded the introduction of DRS, citing poor umpiring decisions.

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