A Bluetooth wireless device that can be attached to something important enabling it to be tracked in case of theft or accidental loss.

Good Points?

The Tile Pro gives everyday items such as keys, wallets and flash drives a beacon so you can quickly locate them.

An easy to use smartphone app controls the features available so, if you have misplaced something like medication, the attached Tile tracker will output a loud tune that you can follow.

If the item is buried in a bag that muffles the sound or you have trouble hearing some audio then the app can visually display your proximity via a green circle that gets bigger the closer you get (a bit like the guessing game Hunt The Thimble you may have played as a child).

Alternatively, the device can be used to find your phone, even if it is set to silent, by pressing the Tile button. This will force the phone to play a tune similar to that of the Tile.

With a wireless range of 90 metres (295 feet), the Tile provides coverage for most homes, businesses and camp sites. A last known location feature is great when retracing your steps.

Upgrading to a premium account adds features such as alerting you should you leave your item behind.

The CR2032 coin battery lasts around one year and is easily replaced.

Bad points?

The introduction of a replaceable battery compartment means the device is water-resistant rather than waterproof.

Best for …

The absent-minded among us.

Avoid if …

The voices under your tinfoil hat are whispering that the government is always tracking you.

Score: 8/10.

Tile Pro, £20 (tile.com)

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